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15 Minute Workouts (with resistance bands)

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Workout from home, on vacation, or short on time: 15 minute resistance band workouts | Lady Warrior

Can a 15 minute workout be effective?

Yes! 15 minutes of exercise has many benefits such as increasing your calorie burn and encouraging your body to get in shape. These resistance bands workouts will give you the opportunity to stay on track with your goals, even if you are short on time or need to stay dialed in while on vacation.

Another bonus, 15 minutes of exercise can increase your longevity and lower the risk of diseases. So when you don’t think 15 minutes will do much, it will actually go a long way.

Is resistance band workout effective?

Working out with resistance bands is very effective and can be utilized practically anywhere. Resistance bands provide quality TUT (time under tension) on your muscles to cause micro tares that we want in our muscles while strength training.

However, like any workout you get out of it what you put into it. If you just go through the motions to say you “worked out” you will deny yourself the benefits resistance bands offer in burning calories, building muscle and increasing your metabolism.

Can you build muscle with resistance bands only?

Yes. Resistance bands build muscle the same way dumbbells do. They are extremely efficient when it comes to building strength and muscle, shaping and toning the body and are great for individuals who may have trouble with grip strength.

They are not only beneficial for building muscle, but are great to improve flexibility and be incorporated into your stretching.

When you need a quick workout that will be both effective and allow you to stay dialed in to your fitness goals while on vacation, a business trip, or don’t have access to a gym these 15 minute resistance band workouts will be a useful assets to your health and fitness.

15 Minute Workouts with Resistance Bands:

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