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6 Week Workout Plan

Shows what workout 1 is going to be for the 6 week workout plan

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Warrior Cut-Day 1

6 Week Workout Plan: Day 1 Upper Body

What Should I expect in this 6-Week Workout?

Welcome to the Lady Warrior 6 Week Warrior Cut. This 6 week plan is going to get you looking and feeling AMAZING.

I will personally take you through each day of this muscle building workout series.

You will know exactly what you’ll be doing for the next 6 weeks!

I want you to think strength, power, progression, staying committed and making every rep count.

The written workout and video of each workout will be provided each day.

How many days a week will I be working out?

Each week there are 5 strength training workout and 2 active recovery days.

You can do the 5 strength days consecutively, say Monday-Friday and reserve your active rest for Saturday and Sunday or mix them up throughout the week.

The goal is to complete the 5 days of strength training and allow for 2 days of active recovery.

How much cardio should I do?

The amount of cardio you do is up to you and what your goals are.

If you are training for a race, then you should already have a plan in place and know your weekly mileage. If you are looking to do more cardio because you think it will get you faster results, more cardio is just more cardio.

Be smart. Train with intent and purpose. If your mindset is geared toward cardio, I get it! But always ask yourself what are you trying to accomplish. Don’t over train, so keep it to 20-30 minutes max if you need to do it.

Mix it up. Don’t just do steady state all the time. There is no change inside the comfort zone.

What is active recovery?

Active recovery for this program is time spent away from strength training or heavy lifting, however you’re still moving.

You can try a body weight HIIT or Tabata cardio routine

For those who like the outdoors, go biking, hiking, walking, swimming or doing yoga, just to name a few.

The goal is to allow your body to recover from the stress placed upon it during your strength training days.

Can I do this 6-week workout from home?

YES! However, weights are required.

Should I warm up before and after my workout? And for how long?


Always make sure to warm up for at least 5-10 minutes with some dynamic stretching to help prevent injury and get your body prepared for the work and stress you are going to put it through.

A cool down is equally as important. You need to take a least 5 minutes (or more) and bring your heart rate down, don’t just stop.

Spend time static stretching to help with recovery, flexibility, mobility and reduce the possibility of injury.

This allows your body to recover after applying all the stress on it.

Warming up and cooling down are not an option. Please take the time to perform each during this 6 week workout plan.

Please consult your physician before starting any new workout program

6 Week Workout: Day 1- Upper Body

5-10 minutes Warm-up/Dynamic stretching

1. Wide Grip Lat Pulldown: Sets 4/ Reps 12-15

2. Inverted Barbell Body Weight Rows: Sets 4/ Reps 10-12

3. Bench press superset with seated Dumbbell curls: Sets 4/Reps 10-12 *a superset is performing one exercise right after the other without resting.

4. Dumbbell Shoulder press superset with cable face pulls: sets4/ Reps 12 *a superset is performing one exercise right after the other without resting.

5. Dumbbell 1-1/2 side lateral raise: sets 4/ Reps 15 

5-10 minutes cool down/static stretching

Other Workout Programs

Warrior Dumbbell Domination (Dumbbells only-home or gym)

7 Day Warrior Slay (HITT and Tabata)

Resistance Band workouts (perfect while traveling)

Great Job today. Keep up the good work and remember, the other 22 hours out of the gym are just as crucial to optimizing your results than the time spent in the gym.

In other words, know your nutritional needs for what your body needs and what you are wanting to accomplish.

If you need help with mapping out the Proteins, Carbs, and Fats you need to achieve your results book a call with me and let’s get you dialed in so you’re not wasting anymore of your time!


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Shows what workout 1 is going to be for the 6 week workout plan
6 week workout plan (warrior Cut)

6 Week Workout Plan

Can I get in shape in 6 weeks? YES. 6 weeks is a great bench mark to set regardless of your fitness level. Within 6