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6 Week Workout Plan

6 week workout plan Day 3

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Warrior Cut-Day 3

6 Week Workout Plan Day 3: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

How to workout chest at home?

Making sure to get your chest workouts in is very important. Chest workouts are not just for men. Make sure to grab weights that are challenging and will take you to failure within the last few reps.

Dumbbells and a barbell are all you really need to get a great chest workout in, so if you are doing this 6 week workout plan at home and have dumbbells you are good to go.

What are chest muscles called?

Pectoralis muscles. You have pectoralis major and pectoralis minor

Should women do chest exercises?

Yes! Chest muscles consists of some of the largest muscles in your upper body, and can aid in burning more calories during your chest workouts.

Chest muscles are very important for common daily activities such as:

  • shutting a car door, pushing a cart, stroller, swinging a racket or club
  • carrying groceries, kids, or moving heavy objects
  • they help support your posture
  • they help tone and define the upper body

You will see a great improvement in your upper body strength throughout this 6 week workout plan, if you stay consistent with your chest workouts.

Please consult your physician before starting this 6 week workout plan

6 Week Workout Plan-Day 3 Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

1. Incline bench press: Sets 4/ Reps 8-10 

2. Dumbbell reverse grip bench press superset with Chest flyes: Sets 4/ Reps 10-12 

3. Dumbbell Arnold press superset with Chest supported Dumbbell front raises on 45-degree angle: Sets 4/ Reps 12 

4. Lat Pull rear delts: Sets 4/ Reps 12-15 

5. Rocking triceps pull downs superset with Lying triceps extensions: Sets 4/ Reps 10-12 

Other Workout Programs

Warrior Dumbbell Domination (Dumbbells only-home or gym)

7 Day Warrior Slay (HITT and Tabata)

Resistance Band workouts (perfect while traveling)

Great Job today. Keep up the good work and remember, the other 22 hours out of the gym are just as crucial to optimizing your results than the time spent in the gym.

In other words, know your nutritional needs for what your body needs and what you are wanting to accomplish.

If you need help with mapping out the Proteins, Carbs, and Fats you need to achieve your results book a call with me and let’s get you dialed in so you’re not wasting anymore of your time!


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6 Week Workout Plan

Can I get in shape in 6 weeks? YES. 6 weeks is a great bench mark to set regardless of your fitness level. Within 6