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6 Week Workout Plan

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Warrior Cut-Day 5

6 Week Workout Plan Day 5: Legs and ABs

What is leg day?

Leg days during this 6 week workout plan focuse on exercises that will strengthen your lower body.

Often women spend a lot of time focused on toning and shaping their legs and forget that the rest of the body is just as important.

That’s why, in this 6 week workout plan you will do legs in conjunction with other body parts as well.

Can I workout legs everyday?

It’s important to give each muscle group at least a days rest before training them again.

If you keep training the same muscle group back to back, you’re not giving them time to recover from the stress placed upon them and they could feel fatigued and become over trained.

Overtraining can lead to injury and lack of progress or results.

Make sure to give your muscle groups time to rebuild.

Why is it important to train abs?

Abs are our stabilizer muscles and are very important to train. A strong core helps us with good posture, supports our lower back and helps reduce lower back pain.

Training abs provides us with the stability we need to do compound exercises and is our powerhouse when it comes to better endurance, speed, and balance.

Please consult your physician before starting this 6 week workout plan

Be sure to warm up for at least 5-10 minutes with dynamic stretching to help prevent injury and get your body prepared for the work and stress you are going to put it through.

A cool down is equally as important.

You need to take a least 5 minutes (or more) and bring your heart rate down, don’t just stop.

Spend time static stretching to help with recovery, flexibility, mobility and reduce the possibility of injury.

6 week workout plan-Day 5 Legs

1. Barbell Squats-Heel elevated: Sets 4/ Reps 8-10 

2. Barbell hip thrusts: Sets 4/ Reps 12 

3. Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squats: Sets 4/ Reps 10 each leg 

4. Slider hamstring curls or hamstring curl machine: Sets 3/Reps 12 superset with hanging leg raises: Sets 3/ Reps 20 

5. Fire hydrants: Sets 3/ Reps 12 superset with Cable woodchoppers: Sets 3/ Reps 15 each side. 


Stay away from the weights and get in some movement, such as a hike, a walk, a run, a body weight HIIT/Tabata workout. I have a great 7 Day Warrior Slay program that you can do for active recovery days.

Work on your core, here is a great playlist of AB workouts that only takes 6 minutes to get through one round, however, you can do more than one round and add additional time and work to the workout.

These AB workouts are great for Active rest days during this 6 week workout plan.

Other Workout Programs

Warrior Dumbbell Domination (Dumbbells only-home or gym)

7 Day Warrior Slay (HITT and Tabata)

Resistance Band workouts (perfect while traveling)

Great Job today. Keep up the good work and remember, the other 22 hours out of the gym are just as crucial to optimizing your results than the time spent in the gym.

In other words, pay attention to your nutrition.

Understand what your body needs to achieve and maintain the results you are after.

Need help with mapping out the Proteins, Carbs, and Fats you need to achieve your results?

Book a call with me and let’s get you dialed in so you’re not wasting anymore of your time!


6 Week Workout Plan

Day 1: Upper body

Day 2: Legs

Day 3: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Day 4: Back and Biceps

Days 6 & 7 are Active Recovery Days

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